Top 5 Tweets of the Week Vol. 2 (5/7 – 5/13)

This week felt slow due to the lack of NBA action, but there was definitely some great posts to highlight. Vol. 2 let’s get it.


* I fall into the category of delusional Bears fans as well, and I will never stop. I feel where Big Cat is coming from. But tbh, the Bears are as promising as they have ever been in a while. So this may be a true statement.Β * Quote Tweet


*It’s always cool seeing athletes get their degree during their pro careers. Especially if they are taking online classes and shit during their season. Raptors were so trash in the 2nd round my guy George Hill was able to finish up his degree πŸ˜….Β * Quote Tweet


*Any well thought out reference to Dragon Ball Z will always get love from the guys in our generation. Celtics dominated game 1 and Lebron only had 15 pts so maybe the fusion is actually helping. * Quote Tweet


B/R is the most consistent thing in my life. Another great Infinity war reference here about my boys from Barcelona choking on their unbeaten season bid. Messi didn’t play tho so does it really count πŸ€”


You usually see athletes tweeting some stupid shit whenever something from years back gets uncovered. This one just blows my mind because Lebron has become that old guy in the League that all the younger players grew up idolizing, but he is still dominating. I Wonder if Bron will be playing when (or if) his son gets to the NBA.



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