Top 5 Tweets of the Week Vol. 3 (5/14 – 5/20)


J.R Smith may be the most inconsistent basketball player I’ve ever seen. Sometimes you wonder if the Cavs would be better off without him.πŸ€”Β He actually showed up to play in game 3 so we’ll see if he can keep it up.


Finally found out why KD’s hair looks the way it does. A noble sacrifice from Durant πŸ™Œ



Lavine better be careful, this is damn near tampering πŸ˜…. This all stemmed from a B/R post mentioning some disdain between KAT and the T-Wolves organization. As well as a Β Devin Booker post that had KAT in his Suns Jersey. If the Bulls can find a way to make this happen without getting rid of Lauri I’m all for it. Definitely won’t happen though πŸ™ƒ.



I hope Tristian learned his lesson.


Sad but a very true statement. As amazing as KD is as a player, Warriors fans will always view him a little differently than they do Steph. Curry is still the most important player in the organization and game 3 showed how much of an impact he has on the team & fans.

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