Top 5 Tweets of the Week Vol. 4 (5/21 – 5/27)

This Week had a couple quality tweets kicked out of the top 5 because of game 7 of the ECF. I could have had all 5 tweets from the game reactions to be honest. Let’s dive in.


* Nice little clever response here. NFC West will be super exciting this upcoming season as most people expect Jimmy G to take the talented 49ers roster to the playoffs. I expect Mitch Trubisky to take the talented Bears roster to the playoffs though. #BearDown


Kyrie was on the bench for every other game at Boston 👀. Somebody explain it to me.


Joel Embiid continues his dominance atop of the NBA Twitter rankings with this clap back at the Celtics. It;s gonna be fun watching Boston & Philadelphia battle in the years to come.


This game should have been closer than what it was. I saw some of the worst goalkeeping I will probably ever see in a game of this magnitude. However, this Bicycle kick from Bale is one of the best goals I will probably see in a game of this magnitude. #HalaMadrid


Man. If Boston ended up winning this game this head swap photo would be one the most abused pictures on Twitter to bash Lebron. Tatum definitely baptized Lebron with that crazy dunk in game 7. Tatum is up next no doubt.

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