Top 5 Tweets of the Week Vol. 6 (6/4 – 6/10)


Game 3 Rodney Hood looked like what we thought he would be when the trade happened. I really don’t understand why Ty Lue waited to play him. Is JR really better than him?


Man. I often ask myself why I care so much about Bron. It is what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️.


Both. Lebron staying in Cleveland.



My boy Neymar in top form ready to get this cup title. Even though France is the official team of the Top 5 Sports, I’d still love to see Neymar lead Brazil to the cup.


This is a thread so I recommend following the link. However, my guy Barry, who has had some amazing anti-Jordan tweets finally fessed up. As much as I claim Lebron to be the 🐐, I know Jordan is truly the best.

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