5 Things to be optimistic about after the Bears week one loss 🙂.

Words cannot express the pain I felt after the Bears blew that game Sunday night. The amount of positivity I was seeing on my timeline after that first half was beautiful. Everyone was happy, I was seeing “Bears are back” tweets everywhere.

Now I could easily write a negative piece, about all the things the Bears did wrong to let the Packers comeback, but instead, I’m going to highlight the positive things I saw that the Bears will hopefully build on. Because we will be raw this year.

#5 Cody Parkey

The Bears Kicker was 3 for 3 on his field goal attempts and 2 for 2 on extra points. Can’t ask for any better 🤷🏽‍♂️.

#4 Penalties

Last year, the Bears were near the bottom of the League when it came to penalties per game and total penalty yards. Week after week they made me sick, and I always thought it was because John Fox never had the team in check.

The Bears seemed like a more disciplined squad in the first game which was refreshing to watch. They only committed 5 penalties for 35 yards, hopefully, they keep it up. They even stayed at home on Aaron Rodgers hard counts that always seem to work at least once a game.

#3 Mitch Trubisky’s Mobility

Photo courtesy of Chicago Bears Instagram (@ChicagoBears)

So last season all I heard was how great of an athlete Mitch was, but I was disappointed in his inability to really get loose. Players like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are very elusive in the pocket, and they both have a nice spin out move that extends plays and makes their offenses more dynamic.

I was happy to see Mitch was able to make guys miss, and it seemed like he had an extra bit of burst compared to last season.

#2 Running Back Play

The Bears rushed for 137 yards on 27 attempts which is pretty solid. On top of that, Jordan Howard looked like an improved receiver as well. Although Tarik did not have a huge game, he looked good on a couple first-time conversions.

Another week of practice and learning from this week should lead to an even bigger performance out of the Bears backfield.

#1 Khalil Mack


We got what we paid for. Khalil Mack did work without even playing the number of snaps he’s used to. It feels good knowing we have a pass rusher that could change the game at any moment.

We will beat Seattle next week. #BearDown

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