Top 5 Tweets of the Week Vol. 16 (10/1 – 10/7)


Shameless plug here. I started a podcast. You should check it out. For now, I’m doing recaps after the Bears games but I’m looking to do more in the future.


Tarik set himself up for this one smh. It seems like him and Todd Gurley are good friends though this is not their first interaction on Twitter. Gurley gave Tarik a shout out on Twitter last week after his performance against the Bucs.


Josh Gordon & weed will forever be linked together 😂.


This makes me feel old 😭. The NBA has changed so much since 2008, outside of Lebron being the best player. I think we can all agree that the Sonics should have stayed in Seattle, nobody likes Oklahoma City.


Even though the craziness that ensued after the Mcgregor Khabib fight was probably the biggest story of the night. This post-fight interview of Derrick Lewis is amazing. I was equally shocked and amazed by how funny he was. He gained a new fan ☝🏾.

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